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The LPBC is now cityCURRENT

The Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club is now cityCURRENT. Join us to #ignitetheGOOD→ www.cityCURRENT.com


The next episode of our TV series, The SPARK, which is focused on good news and those making a difference in the Mid-South, airs Friday, August 12 at 7:30 PM on WKNO/Channel 10!

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Charity Spotlight

This month's charity is Habitat for Humanity                                                  

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The LPBC is a privately-funded catalyst for the Mid-South.  Our mission is to be a force for good by fostering teamwork among business and civic leaders and by aligning corporate resources to make a collective impact in the community.  By providing valuable content and simple ways to get involved through over 150 events a year, the LPBC partners invite you to join the movement at no cost to you.  Movements start with small actions and together we can make a huge impact!