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Memphis Rocks in Film Fest

Memphis Rocks is a category in the On Location: MEMPHIS International Film & Music Festival

Aside from being a civic pride campaign that is a philanthropic effort, "Memphis Rocks" is a category in the On Location: MEMPHIS International Film & Music Festival. The LPBC created the category, which officially kicked off in 2013 with an amazing group of short film submissions, some of which are featured below, and a theatre-packed screening!  We raised the bar in 2014 and we're excited to make the event even bigger and better in 2015, as we are now offering a cash prize!   So, 2015 marks the third year that "Memphis Rocks" is a featured category at the film festival and this is YOUR chance to spotlight positive efforts, interesting short stories, or anything that captures the heartbeat of our city and shares why "Memphis Rocks"...and to see YOUR short film played on the silver screen!  

The “Memphis Rocks” category encourages Memphians to create short, five-minute or less videos that share positives in our community. This year, the theme is “A City Full of Culture and Energy,” so all video entries should showcase moments and stories that reveal the heart and “culture” or the contagious “energy” of our citizens and community. This broad theme should be fun for individuals, nonprofits, schools, businesses, and neighborhoods alike to playfully showcase their efforts and perspectives. 

The “Memphis Rocks” category and video competition is free to enter. Entries can be made by individuals of all ages or as an organization, such as a school, nonprofit, business, or church group. The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 10th, 2015. The video should be dropped off as a digital file on a flash drive or DVD at the Lipscomb & Pitts offices, 2670 Union Avenue Extended, Suite 100 with contact information. Again, there is no cost or fee to enter. 

Each submission will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of business and community leaders, as well as industry professionals. Ten (10) videos will be selected by the committee to be featured at the “Memphis Rocks” screening, which will take place during the 16th Annual On Location: MEMPHIS International Film and Music Festival, September 3-6, 2015. During the screening, filmmakers from around the world and Memphians alike will view the short films on the silver screen. Plus, this year, one film will be selected to receive a $500 cash award based how well the theme of “A City Full of Culture and Energy” is portrayed. The category, sponsored and hosted by the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club and Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, is part of a partnership with On Location: MEMPHIS and FuelFilm. 

“The ‘Memphis Rocks’ screening is an outgrowth of the civic pride campaign that’s designed to give back and support the Fallen Officer Memorial,” said Jeremy C. Park, president of the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club. “The overall ‘Memphis Rocks’ campaign has a mission of promoting all the positives of Memphis, and we’re looking forward to continuing this effort.” “Films submitted in this category are another outlet for Memphians to share their pride, thoughts, and stories, and help us showcase the true heartbeat of our city.” 

Entries may spotlight an individual’s story or perspective, their church, school, organization, work in the community or any other localized story they would like to tell through film. Submissions must be five minutes or less in length. Winning and other selected submissions will also be uploaded to the “Memphis Rocks” YouTube channel, where they can be watched and shared online. 

 “‘Memphis Rocks’ is a fun way for our city to come together, show our pride, promote our positives and say thanks to those who support our freedoms,” said Angela Green, president of On Location: MEMPHIS. “This film festival category opens the floodgates for more Memphians to tell their positive stories.” 

The On Location: MEMPHIS International Film & Music Festival screens feature films, documentaries, live action shorts and music videos and includes workshops and seminars. Writers, actors, directors, producers and investors from the U.S. and around the world attend the festival each year. The event will be held on September 3-6, 2015.

Memphis Rocks Videos Featured at the Film Fest

2014 Memphis Rocks Screening


2013 Memphis Rocks Screening