Helping out a new Business in the Area

January 8, 2018

As a business owner myself, I am very interested in community involvement. I try to make sure that some of my colleagues or would-be colleagues feel the same way; hence this blog. It’s important for successful people to share what they have and to use their power to help others. This is certainly part of the definition of a successful person in the first place. If you can find a way to be prosperous yourself while also making a lot of other people equally so, you can feel as if you have truly won.

Now that you understand my mission, you will see it in action. For example, recently I heard that a business down the road was having hard times and I thought it would be a good idea to give the place some publicity to create some buzz about town.  They have footcare products such as home massage items like foot spas. The best and most expensive pedicure salons have some version of them and this business is also a supplier. Most of the walk-in customers, however, want something portable they can use at home, like this: They aren’t going to give themselves a pedicure (especially the men), but they want relief for tired and aching feet. We have all experienced this condition many times in our daily lives. We stand around a lot when working or on vacation. We dance the night away in tight, fashionable shoes. Every shoe I see, apart from what I call “earth” shoes or sandals, can create friction on some area of the foot. No one wants to buy footwear that is too large and slack.

Foot massagers should be an easy product to promote so I started talking them up, recounting my own pleasant experience. I can honestly speak about the great benefits of home foot massage. You can change the settings and add more pressure to your treatment. The machine will also vibrate to help lull those tired feet into relaxation. All in all, it is a soothing and comforting enterprise. If you rely on word of mouth, you can improve sales in your area. People like to hear what others find valuable. I also told the footcare store to have a special sale to attract new customers who hadn’t ever entered through the front door.

It is too soon to see major benefits of my promotion campaign for this neighboring business, but soon I will drop in and check things out. Then it is time to go on to the next one in need. I want to be part of a solid, thriving community and it takes effort and time. I believe in networking so that it is easy to spread the word and help a new or existing company do better. I am always appreciative of any feedback I get after the fact from proprietors. Then I know that my mission is aimed in the right direction.