How to be Both Prosperous and Generous as a Company

May 31, 2017

Many company leaders avoid giving to charity because they draw a false dichotomy between being prosperous as a company and being generous. It is actually possible to do both as long as companies are clever about it. Many of the most prosperous companies are very generous companies as well, which makes it that much more important for people to try to model themselves after the companies that have gotten this far in their time.

For one thing, companies that are successful enough don’t have to worry about their profit margins when they give to charity. They should consider whether or not they’re better off increasing the salary of the CEO or whether giving to charity would improve the image of a company. In some cases, this is a simple allocation of funds. The CEO might not need money, or should think about money in the long-term rather than the short-term. In the long-term, companies that are perceived as generous are much more likely to ultimately succeed and attract investors.

These days, customers will spend a lot of time reading about a company before purchasing their goods or services. There is no doubt about the fact that Millennial consumers in particular are obsessed with making sure that they are only buying from companies with a good track record in terms of environmentalism, labor rights, and charitable contributions. Getting these young customers as lifelong clients is key, and this is something that a lot of business owners are going to be able to do if they put a lot of effort into being ethical business owners right from the start.

Being a generous company is also positive in the eyes of investors. Investors will spend a lot of time looking at the profit margins of the companies that they are interested in before they get started. They need to make sure that they’re making a sound financial investment, which just isn’t going to be possible with certain companies. The companies that are giving money away to charity are already demonstrating that they are prosperous to a certain extent. It is well known that people have to spend money to make money. Giving to charity like a prosperous company can work to create a more prosperous company. Companies might be surprised by how much even small charitable contributions can improve the way they come across to the customers and the investors.

For one thing, it is possible to invest in a way that is ethical and that will actually create new business contacts. There are plenty of companies who have managed to more or less build up allies of theirs before they even were allies. Ethical investing makes it possible to make contacts in a way that causes those contacts to be loyal for life. There are many people all around the world who are trying to start businesses and who are trying to get ahead financially. Giving these potentially successful individuals the support that they need can make all the difference in the world in terms of the long-term success of a potential company.