Jumping into the Community

January 26, 2018

Life is about what you personally experience and also about what you do for others. Nothing is more rewarding than making an impact on your community. The LPBC is my family and I often participate in activities that promote its interests. They vary from sponsoring lectures, seminars, promotional rallies, silent auctions, and group fundraising outings. Recently, my involvement took a different turn. I joined some other members in hosting a discount family day at a nearby, popular trampoline center.

We chose this venue because it is different and not a place that parents often take their kids. Sure, they go to the batting cages, skating, boating in the park, fishing, swimming, running, and the movies. A day jumping on a trampoline is another way to bond and have family fun. When it is at a considerable discount, it is appealing for parents with several children. It is all part of letting the world know that the LPBC exists and is here to promote family life and neighborliness. We want to show the world we care and in turn, we expect respect and support. It’s a fair deal, right?

On the event day, several of my friends showed up with me at the venue to watch the jumping extravaganza. I was surprised to see some of the best rectangle trampolines in the mix. These are large and great for doubles. You can bounce with your child without pushing them off the mat. I loved that there were ample safety regulations and spotters everywhere. They watched for aggressive action and taught the kids how to have fun and avoid injury at the same time.

We served a hot dog lunch and provided free lemonade and soda. Adults enjoyed it as much as the children. We don’t get to eat kid food that often. Who doesn’t love skirting mustard out of a flexible tube? I love sweet relish, chili, ketchup, and onions. How do you like yours? You can add pineapple, cheese, barbecue sauce, and any other condiment you like. After lunch it was time for the “competition.” Kids signed up to enter and we had many takers. It took a while, but the finalists were ready to go mat to mat. We cheered them on as they bounced their little hearts out. The winners were crowned in a blaze of glory. Kids love to get those cheap plastic trophies!

Trampoline jumping was a big surprise for me. I had no idea that the day would be such a success. As they left, the parents praised the hosts from the bottle of their hearts. They loved being able to share quality time with their offspring. I got to learn a new “sport.” Yes, I tried a few tricks during a lull in the festivities. I got a few laughs from my friends. Maybe this will become a new pastime if I can get a few others to join me. It is not something you would want to do alone. Share the fun and share the joy.