The Benefits of Giving Back to the Community

May 24, 2017

People really shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of actually giving something back to the community. A lot of people tend to scoff at this sort of sentiment. It’s been fashionable to be cynical about charity for a long time by this point. However, the benefits of charity haven’t gone away for anyone.

First of all, people should note that charity really can make a difference on a broader, community level. Some charities are better and more efficient than others, of course. However, when people contribute their time and money to efficient charity, they can make a huge difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Billions of dollars are given to charity all the time. Some of this money is spent in a way that is not ultimately useful. However, a huge portion of it is still used to help people. Finding a way to give to the most effective and efficient charities can allow a person to make a difference and truly help others, even if a lot of social problems seem insurmountable half the time.

There have been studies that have suggested that people who gave money away were happier than the people who decided to keep the exact same sum of money. People are genuinely motivated to keep helping one another. Competitive behavior is normal, but so is social behavior. In a world where competitive behavior is often valued, it is important to remember that a lot of people do specifically want to help others on a deep level.

There is also no doubt about the fact that a lot of social behavior is reciprocated. People who give back to the community will make a lot of friends and contacts as a result. They will meet people when they volunteer. They will also have a tendency to meet people throughout the course of being charitable people in the first place. Giving back to the community automatically puts people in contact with a huge network of individuals. It makes sense to try to use some of the resources associated with that network, even as the people involved are giving back to the community.

People also need to look at the bigger picture when it comes to evaluating their lives. They should think about everything that they are ultimately trying to achieve with their lives. Most people want to be successful in some ways. However, people are motivated by feeling as if they are generally good individuals.

Being a good person will mean different things to different people to a certain extent. However, most people will agree that the individuals who give a lot of time or money to charity are good people, at least in terms of this one aspect of their lives. Actually being able to look back at your life with pride is important, even if you are just looking back at your last life stage. Giving to charity is a way of making your life matter in a way that can be more fulfilling than just achieving new levels of personal success.

Successful people who can also give something back are the most successful ones, which is something that a lot of people acknowledge. There are countless people out there who want to make sure that they can do something to help at some point. However, they are not in a position to do so financially. If you have the means to help people, you should consider the idea that you actually have the responsibility to do so.

Poor people and middle class people actually are more generous, statistically speaking, than the rich. It makes sense to actually change this for the better, and that means that the people who have achieved financial success are the ones who need to alter their behavior on a more massive scale. It is possible for rich people to give back and to be successful in all aspects of their lives. You shouldn’t just use money as a way of measuring your success, like it’s your class rank. Your societal contribution should be part of your success.