Waste of a Day

August 25, 2017

Every day, I get up bright and early and look forward to going to work. I am not one of those sorry souls who hates his job. I am in business to make money, of course, but I also like the side benefits. I enjoy being one of the young pillars of the community and a person who is here to help others achieve success. My life has multiple functions. However, one of them is not a handyman. I say this because recently the water heater in my building went out and we have no maintenance man on site every day. We have to call a service. I was not about to try my hand at repairing it, although it can be something as simple as a pilot light problem. I know I possess few skills. Even lighting a match near a gas source is intimidating. It pays to learn a few basic things these days.

I succumb and call a repairman, knowing it won’t be cheap. It is like a plumber. There is a minimum number of hours to get someone to even show up. I grumble to my assistant and sit and wait. No specific time was given. I can’t work in this state of anticipation and tell everyone to go home. It is a total waste of a good work day. As soon as I begin to concentrate, my mind wanders. I wonder where the heck that darned serviceman is. I don’t want to keep calling and nagging the woman who answers the phone. She probably gets enough complaints as it is.

Hours slip by and I miss lunch. Now my stomach is growling and my mood turns black. I text everyone I know for diversion. I am getting bored and tired. Finally, at four o’clock he dares to appear, his toolkit in hand. He is a welcome sight and I cheer up enormously. After greeting him and suppressing the need to bitch, I show him the culprit and watch as he adjusts the water heater. “You need a new one,” he says. “Why not take advantage of the situation and get a tankless unit. They are state of the art.” I get the details from Water Heater Watch and estimated cost and consider this option seriously. It will save money on electricity bills and also save space. There is nothing but plusses involved in such a purchase.

I thought he was promoting the tankless unit to make a sale, but he assured me that he was only a repairman. I should check the prices on line and get the best deal I can. “They are really worth it,” he goes on. “You won’t have nearly the same problems and there is little malfunction risk.” I believed him and vowed to make this a project for next week. As for today, it was already too late. I was unproductive and would have to double my efforts tomorrow to catch up.